Trevor StrnadMichigan death metal singer THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERdied at the age of 41.

BuntingThe passing of was announced by his comrades on social media earlier today. They wrote: “It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Trevor Scott Strnad. Beloved son, brother and Shepard of good times, he was loved by all who met him. A walking encyclopedia of everything related to music. He was a hugger, a writer, and truly one of the greatest artists in the world. His lyrics provided the world with stories, spells, horror and fantasy. It was his life to be your show.” The group also shared the phone number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

last November, Bunting shared on social media that he was struggling to deal with the death of his mother, who had “passed away a few weeks” earlier “very suddenly”. “Even at 40, it’s still hard,” he wrote. “We were close. I feel like a little lost child. Congratulations to all of you who faced this and came out the other side.”

In an April 2021 interview with Metal Injection, Bunting spoke about his battle with depression and alcohol addiction. At the time, he says (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “At the rate I drink while we go on tour, it’s just not sustainable to grow old. Being over 40 and being able to do what I do well and not look like an asshole, I Gotta be better So that’s really the impetus [for quitting drinking]. This is the heart of it. That’s not it…i know i’m not funny [when I’m drinking].

“I did an eight month alcohol-free stint, but at that time it was more to salvage a relationship; it wasn’t something I really, really wanted to do and had myself in. really invested I was embittered at having to I do it after a while and I have a little resentment towards my partner But it’s my choice I want to have the excitement I had before drinking. When we started this band, I was a fucking weird, straight kid. And now it’s kind of become like… it’s a lubricant for me to get on stage and be funny and d ‘to be a little carefree and to be the wild type that [fans] what they expect from us, what they’ve seen on our DVDs and all that, which is really just a compilation of the good times. So if you expect a group to rage like this all the time, it’s not – it’s just not sustainable. But it’s gotten to the point where I’m drinking 10 drinks a day in addition to going on stage. And two weeks later, I was hungover every day. I chase this hangover with a little more alcohol, until the end of the tour [by which time] I doubled my intake just to get by, basically. And it’s not fun — it’s disgusting; it sucks. It starts off as fun. The three of us drinking in the group are, like, ‘Yeah, bro. It’s time to sip. And that is fun, but it’s not sustainable. I’ve seen pictures of me, videos of me where I’m like, ‘Yeah, you look like shit.’ I don’t want to look like shit. From now on, it will be increasingly difficult to physically meet people’s standards.

“Even though it’s a death metal band, there are so many eyes on us and so much judgment, it’s crazy,” he continued. “We’re not a boy band. I’m not supposed to be fucking handsome. Who gives a fuck? But people berate you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called fat on the internet “It’s crazy – literally. You gotta be tough to do what I do. But it also wears you out over time, man. Doing all the social media myself and bearing the brunt of any anonymous abuse, It accumulates in some self-doubt, it accumulates in more anxiety, for me, because the group has become bigger and bigger and there are more eyes and more pressure.

Trevor went on to say that his 40th birthday was a turning point for him. He explained, “I wanted my 40s to be awesome. I want to look presentable; I want to be a better leader; I want to be more physically fit; I want to go into my 40s screaming. I don’t want to no one making fun of me I don’t wanna be in it WASP I want this band to continue at this incredible speed, and I want to be a stylish older metalhead. Fortunately, in metal you can to be an older metalhead. It’s not like pop music where they just throw you. Fortunately, this music speaks as much about the past as it does about the present and the future. People will always love classic metal records. And that’s one thing I appreciate about it. It’s not that disposable music you love for a week and throw away.

“I see this group lasting another 20 years. But to be physically able to make it to this level and not overshoot at all will also require focus on health, longevity and mental health. [Laughs]”

He added: “Being left alone with my thoughts all this time [during the pandemic] just been so dangerous to me.”

Bunting also revealed that he was about to undergo ketamine therapy to treat his depression. “It’s intravenously,” he said. “They inject you with ketamine for two weeks – three days a week for two weeks. And they put you in this euphoric state for a few hours. And eventually, you’ve done enough for your brain to create new passages. , news synapses, and you stop doing that kind of cyclical – self-defeating thinking. I’m much better now, but there have been times when shit got pretty dark for me over the last two years.

“You can go there in an emergency if you have really crazy suicidal thoughts – they can take you in an emergency. release all these happy chemicals and stuff like that. And they keep doing this to you until you were sort of rewriting your way of thinking.

“Really, it put the nail in the coffin for me on how I look at the world, and it’s been heavy as shit,” he continued, referencing his life during the pandemic. “I feel like there’s no happy ending for any of us in the way we’ve put everything together – the government and just everything. I feel like it’s okay to be darker and darker from now on. And that’s a lot for a person to think about all the time. It basically robbed me of what little innocence I had left or whatever little blindness I had to how shit is. It’s been heavy, man. It’s been a fucking heavy thing for me.. I’m stopped by all of this right now and by my own feelings. It just brought my anxiety to an ultimate level, basically It’s to the point where I have to do something.

Established in 2000, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – named after the infamous 1947 unsolved murder of the actress Elizabeth Smart – had a number of shows scheduled for later this year, including a May 20 appearance in Daytona Beach, Florida Welcome to Rockville festival.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERthe last album of, “Verminous”was released in 2020. It was described in a press release as “the band’s most dynamic, catchy and emotional release to date”.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Trevor Scott Strnad. Beloved son, brother and shepherd of good…

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