Before the full release of his Drink champions interview, Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky became trending topics together after sharing a teaser. The platform highlighted Rocky’s recent appearance with a captivating trailer that apparently showed the New York rapper agreeing that Scott had copied his entire style. The quotes circulated and it was speculated that Rocky was dismissing the Houston hitmaker, but in the full clip, Rocky said he didn’t share those opinions.

Noreaga said, “One thing that kept popping up on the internet is, ‘Travis Scott stole his whole style,’ to which Rocky replied, ‘Yeah’. The host continued, “… From A$AP Rocky,” and the rapper acknowledged that Nore chooses his words carefully. “He’s trying to figure out how to ask that question,” Rocky said.

“Is it something you entertain?” asked Noraga.

“No, you can’t feed on little bullshit like that, you know what I mean?” Rocky replied “Like, at this point, this garbage shit at this point.” Nore wanted to know if he had ever felt that. “I mean, I saw similarities, for sure. I saw he was inspired and that’s how it is, but that’s what we’re here for. Like, that’s good sportsmanship,” the rapper added.

“Imitation is the best form of flattery. If people weren’t trying to imitate you, you’re doing something wrong.” Check out the clip below.